When will iOS runtime be ready to test?

I really like to test how SkookumScript workflow works on mobile platform. One area I would like to explore is live editing Gameplay script on device without tedious deployment process.


The iOS platform probably follow open beta and open beta will be once we feel confident that people will be able to build an entire game using the Windows version of the SkookumScript plugin. There are a few areas that need work to get there - though we are getting close.

Once we are close enough - we may be able to select a few people to start playing with an iOS version. SkookumScript has been built on Xcode and run on iOS so it shouldn’t be too hard.

We are really excited to try out the SkookumScript workflow on iOS too. Working remotely with consoles in the past was great and iOS is essentially a small view console.

In case anyone missed it - the wait is over - SkookumScript iOS development is here! It is in the latest SkookumScript UE4 plugin release.