Workbench pages

An option to create new pages for the workbench,
A new tab labelled with the page number or a custom name will be displayed

Will help with organizing and will make better use of the space provided to the workbench’s window

Shift click multiple pages to split the workbench window into the selected pages.
A pin button to lock the selected pages in place so that they cannot be changed without first being unpinned

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Yes, multiple workbenches are already on our planned features list.

Here are some of the things we are planning:

  • as many workbenches as you like with different names
  • project specific workbenches that are only loaded for a particular project
  • collaborative workbenches that can have multiple people edit them simultaneously similar to Google Docs for specific users, projects, companies, etc.
  • different target objects for script snippets. The target of the current two workbenches is the default Master mind object. You could have an arbitrary script expression that is used for the target - for example:
    • the player
    • the nearest enemy
    • all the NPCs
    • the current mission / level object